Welcome to Stratago™
Welcome to Stratago! We look forward to introducing our business software to you and describing how it can help your business. Explore our site by clicking the menu items on your left to learn more.

What is Stratago?
Stratago is an online software application specializing in real-time, financial reporting and data collection used to help you manage your business.

Key Benefits of Stratago's Software
  • Track your financial data in real-time, allowing you to address your business needs before it's too late.
  • Consolidate data from multiple business locations automatically.
  • View your data anywhere – on the road, in the office, from your home, even in the palm of your hand.
  • Simple, intuitive layout allows quick access to the reports needed to effectively run your business.
  • No extra software or complicated installations needed – simply an Internet connection and browser.

Utilize Stratago's Proprietary Reporting Technology
Stratago has developed a proprietary reporting technology to deliver online reports with increased speed, security, and capabilities that will give you that technological edge.

What Industries Do We Serve?
Stratago is a universal application for any size business. If you desire your company's data in real-time, then Stratago is for you. Stratago works with your current business software and gives you control over what data you track.
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"The combination of Stratago’s understanding of business reporting, online convenience, customer service, and low cost of ownership makes Stratago a product that I can highly recommend and have not found any alternatives to..."
--Craig Hazel
Premier Golf Centers

"Stratago takes care of all the analytics and allows me to concentrate on what needs to be improved. Since the data is maintained in real-time, I am able to constantly monitor underperforming departments so that by week and month ends, I can meet my revenue and payroll targets."
--Troy Rodvold
General Manager
The Lakes at El Segundo