You Control the Data

Stratago™ was designed with the flexibility to accommodate any type and size of business. Your Stratago system begins with you deciding what degree of financial data you wish to view.

You control the data. Add, edit, or delete records to match your system's needs. The Stratago Administration module maintains the accounts in your software. Easily add new general ledger accounts to begin tracking new sales items.

Data is maintained in our databases for up to four years; then it is returned to you for your records.

Your Stratago database works independently from our online software, which means your data is secure. You may even protect your financial data from your own employees. Revenue or payroll information can be configured to only by available to specific employees. Further protect your data by deciding who may add or edit data and who may view the reports within the software.

How Does the Data Get Into Stratago?
Method #1

Stratago employs a simple data entry form resembling an accounting journal entry (Figure 1):

Users key in both debit and credit information on an online form until the entry balances. A user cannot submit an entry until it balances. It takes approximately 10 minutes to make an entry.

You can also use Stratago's reports to verify your site's entries against your bank statement or make month-end journal entries into the accounting software you currently use (Figure 2).

Method #2

In addition to our current list of business partners, Stratago can work with your Point-of-Sale (POS) software company to automatically bring your data into Stratago. There is no 3rd Party company needed to build this bridge, which means there is no extra cost to you. System interoperability is no longer available to only the large enterprises.

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Screen Shots

Figure 1: Data Entry

Figure 2: Account Totals