Product Information

Stratago™ is an online, software application specializing in real-time, financial reporting and data collection used to help small to medium-size companies manage their businesses more effectively.

Our mission is to provide our customers with all their reporting needs so they may know exactly how their business is doing in real-time.

Our product runs directly over the Internet. There are no software installations. All that is needed is an Internet connection and web browser. Customers simply log onto Stratago's website to collect and view their data.

Our customers can track their business from any location, allowing them to correct potential problems before it's too late. With our customer’s data centralized on our secured servers, they can easily consolidate all their business locations without worrying about advanced networking.

Stratago's proprietary reporting technology provides excellent performance and functionality. Our online business reports are simple but extremely effective, allowing our customers to recognize patterns and detail unavailable before without painstaking data investigation.

We provide the technical expertise and computer hardware that would normally carry a very high expense if carried in-house. Our customers avoid paying thousands of dollars for expensive report writers, computer equipment, and the high labor costs associated with employing an IT staff or outside consultants to achieve the same results that Stratago offers.

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"Stratago’s web-based model enables us to view company operations anywhere, anytime... It also makes regional analysis a snap. Grouped reporting is seamless and very flexible."
--Bill Schickler
Premier Golf Centers

"Stratago understands what information is critical to managing our business and delivers that information quickly and concisely."
--Craig Hazel
Premier Golf Centers

"Stratago’s reports specialize in operational statistics that our point-of-sale systems do not provide."
--Troy Rodvold
General Manager
The Lakes at El Segundo