What is Drill-Down?

Drill-down is a technique that allows Stratago™ users to view the detail of a revenue or payroll category.

Revenue and payroll data is normally categorized into groups. In the past, these group totals were sufficient to understand how a company was performing overall. Breaking down these categories to their individual general ledger accounts proved too time-consuming and difficult to display effectively.

Stratago resolves this problem using a drill-down technique. This technique utilizies hyperlinks to display or hide the detail of a category. Every revenue or payroll category displayed as a hyperlink will expand or collapse when clicked. Users can view this detail looking for patterns or discrepencies that were not noticeable with only the category total. Users can improve the category totals as a whole by understanding the sum of its total.

The following example demonstrates the drill-down technique in action. Click any of the category hyperlinks below to expand or collapse its detail:

1/1 to 8/15
Range 632,383
Golf Course 360,932
Cart Rentals 7,975
Lessons 244,726
Pro Shop 364,405
Food & Beverage 135,295
Mini Golf 113,606
Vending 12,835
Totals: 1,872,156

Being able to view the detail of a category greatly improves the chance of finding ways to improve the profitability of your company. Stratago also compares this detail against previous years, budgets, and other store locations to give you the best possible opportunity to fully track the performance of your company.

Using this technique, our customers often find obvious discrepencies that they were previously unaware of in their revenue and payroll data.

Stratago's ability to drill-down into the detail of your data will save you money!

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