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Stratago's™ online, real-time reports are a significant departure from the labor-intensive method of consolidating data at a corporate office and distributing business reports to executives and field managers. Stratago's proprietary reporting technology delivers rich, interactive online reports unavailable to other reporting programs.

Our online reports were developed from years of experience delivering business reports to clients. Stratago's online reports provide relevant information and allow our users to drill-down into the detail of the information requested. Our reports help our customers recognize patterns in their data that alert companies to deficiencies that can be improved for greater operational profitability.

Stratago's reports compare data against previous years, budgets, and forecasts. Data can be summarized by any date interval, calendar or fiscal year, and filter individual days-of-week for a real-time analysis of company data. Companies are no longer restricted to tracking their performance at month or quarter-end.

The simple point-and-click procedures provide a more efficient and simple method to generate reports. Stratago reports are intuitive and relevant information is cleanly displayed.

Our "Revenue Totals" report demonstrates the rich functionality of our software. In this example, year-to-date revenue can be totaled by calendar or fiscal year. Previous year data is compared against the same-day-week (i.e. 8/1/2002 Thursday August 1, 2002 is compared against Thursday August 2, 2002). Revenue is filtered for the date interval beginning 8/1/2002 and ending 8/15/2002. The report is set to diplay all revenue between the date interval but could be set to filter data for only Saturdays and Sundays or any day-of-week. No knowledge of programming syntax is needed to filter data -- the user need only point-and-click the parameters desired (see illustration below):

Revenue Totals Input Parameters

Within this report , the user can switch between different data views such as revenue totals, number of units sold, or average price per unit by clicking links in the report toolbar at the top of the page. The user can drill-down into the detail of the revenue categories by simply clicking the category link. If the store location tracks weather conditions, a breakdown of the average temperature and weather conditions are displayed in the report, which may explain better or worse performance to previous years. Variances between actual revenue and budgets are prorated automatically. Click this hyperlink to view the sample Revenue Totals report.

Each customer's database holds up to four years of historical data, providing users invaluable revenue and payroll comparisons between fiscal years.

Online reporting also allows our customers to collaborate online. Executives and managers can view the same report simultaneously from different locations to discuss the report content.

Our customers have their company data available in real-time and it provides them with the ability to know exactly how their company is performing now! With the importance of today's executive to have intimate knowledge of the financial condition of their company, Stratago provides our cusomers with the tools necessary to know how their business is performing instantly.

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"Stratago’s reports specialize in operational statistics that our point-of-sale systems do not provide... Being able to rank my site’s performance against other similar golf centers helps gauge what departments are performing well and those that need to improve. This ability to collaborate with my peers also helps devise solutions to common problems."
--Troy Rodvold
General Manager
The Lakes at El Segundo