Stratago™ runs on our secure servers to protect your data. Our servers sit behind firewalls that block unauthorized access to your data.

Your independent database is accessible only to the users that you manage. Every user is assigned a unique username and password to enter the Stratago web site.

Users are authenticated and encrypted during their session using Stratago. Users are locked out of Stratago after a certain amount of inactivity, such as a user leaving the computer for an extended period of time.

Additionally, data is encrypted within our servers using cryptography algorithms recommended by the NSA (National Security Agency).

Within your Stratago application, each user is assigned roles and privileges which allow users to access areas only available to them.

For example, you can restrict users from viewing payroll information, not allow users to edit data, or allow only some store locations to be available to a user.

Stratago conducts nightly backups of your data ensuring your data is safe from computer failure.

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